COPPA – Should You Use Disclaimers or Limit Your Content?

COPPA, the law that every content creator on the internet is worried about right now, is going to impact all creators in some way but should you go through the trouble of adding disclaimers to the beginning of your video or limiting the content you make in order to make sure you don’t violate COPPA and get fined? This episode addresses two questions about COPPA (Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act) and shares my thoughts on if you should mark your videos “for kids” or “not for kids” and how to approach the situation in general.

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What To Do In Off Season If You Make Seasonal Content For YouTube?

If you make seasonal content for YouTube like sports, travel, boating, fishing or anything else that’s seasonal, what should you do in the off season when it’s difficult or impossible to make your normal content? This episode shares some solutions you can try to fill in the interest gap in the content you make.

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How To Make Money On YouTube in 2020 and Vlogging In Public

Making money on YouTube is a lot easier than it seems. There are simple things you can add to what you’re already doing to start generating income from the content you’re making regardless if you’re monetized by YouTube or not. This episode shares the easiest ways to get started.

The second comment is about the technical aspects of vlogging in public.

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What To Do When Collabs Go Wrong? | Do Comments Matter?

Sometimes YouTube collaborations don’t go as planned. The person you’re collabing with doesn’t deliver on time, they deliver content you didn’t expect or you just lose your interest in the project. This episode shares what to do when your collabs go wrong and we talk about if comments matter or not on YouTube.

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Should You Make Videos in 4k? | Should Brands Monetize Their Channels?

4k is the future but most people watch YouTube on their phones…should you shoot in 4k anyway? In this episode I get into the future of YouTube and if you should go ahead and start recording and uploading in 4k to prepare for it. We also talk about if brands should monetize their content or not and how to block competitors or companies you promote from running ads on your videos.

This is the Brickadillo takeover episode!

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NEWS: Big Changes For Promoting ANY Products On Your Channel

If you promote products on your YouTube channel or if you plan to in the future, you need to listen to this episode. The FTC (Federal Trade Commission) has updated their disclosure policies for social media influencers and it’s it’s important that you know the new rules.

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Should You Delete Bad YouTube Comments and Upload To Other Platforms?

As a content creator is it a good idea to upload to more places than just YouTube? Since YouTube takes so much time should you spend time spreading out to other platforms? In this episode of Comments Over Coffee we talk about that and the idea of deleting comments for the sake of serving your “big picture” goals.

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Is YOUR YouTube Success Based On Luck? Is YouTube Right For You?

Is YouTube success just someone getting lucky? If so, how do you get lucky? How do make sure you are the most prepared for luck when it knocks on your door? In this episode we also talk about if YouTube success comes down to just getting lucky and how to identify if you’re making the right choice being a content creator.

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The Easy To Understand Basics Of How YouTube Works

The YouTube algorithms are complicated systems built by engineers so we’re not going to attempt to talk about the complicated details that we don’t understand. Instead, I simplify it for you so that you know what to focus on in order to get YouTube to show your content to people more.

For the second comment, we are talking about script writing, bullet points and which one you should use and my experiences using both.

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How to Safely Promote On YouTube As An Affiliate and Using Time Stamps

If you’re promoting things on YouTube as an affiliate there are certain rules you have to follow. If you don’t follow those rules you could be breaking the law, lose your affiliate accounts or even your YouTube channel. In this episode we talk about those rules so you can keep yourself out of trouble. We’re also talking about the advantages and disadvantages of using timestamps in your videos.

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