Tools and Resources for Youtubers

TubeBuddy – The #1 Growth and Management Tool For YouTubers

TubeBuddy is the number one browser plugin for YouTube content creators. You can use it to test your thumbnails to make sure you’re making effective ones, it can also help you tag your videos, find the right keywords to target and a lot more.

If you’re making videos for YouTube, you need TubeBuddy!

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Epidemic Sound – The Best Music For Content Creators

If you want awesome music to use in your videos without any worries of copyright problems, Epidemic Sound is the right solution for you. I’ve been using Epidemic Sound for a while now and I love the huge selection they have.

The best part about Epidemic Sound is you can take out certain sounds. For example, if you love the drums but don’t like the melody, you can simply remove the melody and use the drum track!

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Rev – Closed Captioning Service

If you want to make your content more accessible so people can consume it they way they prefer, and you’ll be helping out the hearing impaired and people that use English as a second language, check out Rev. They are a very reliable captioning service and they can usually get the captions uploaded into your video within a couple of hours.

The cool thing about Rev is all you have to do is place your order, and they do the rest. They add the captions to your video so you don’t have to worry about.

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Tuber Tools – Video Graphics, Thumbnail Templates and More!

TuberTools specializes in graphics, motion graphics, thumbnail templates and other needed assets for content creators. If you need it for your YouTube channel, there is a really good chance TuberTools has it.

Tuber Tools has a store where you can purchase single items but the better deal is the membership where you can get everything that’s available in the store plus exclusive items that are not in the store.

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Morningfame – SEO Analyzer, Trainer and Video Reporting

Optimizing your videos for search can be difficult but Morningfame helps you optimize your content in a clever way that also trains you on what’s important when it comes to getting your videos discovered on YouTube. They also have an interface that makes it easy to identify which videos are performing the best along with a lot of other easy to understand statistics.

Morningfame is “invite only” so you’ll need to use my code that’s embedded in the link below to access it.

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Pad PlanIt – Video Planning For iPad Users

Planning your content is critical to long term, sustainable success on YouTube. Some people like to plan everything out on a computer but if you are someone who likes to write out their ideas and plan using your stylus like I do, you need to check out the Pad PlanIt video planner.

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Uscreen – Monetize Your Videos

If you’re wanting to make more money with your content by offering exclusive content to your viewers, Uscreen is the solution you’re looking for. It’s easy to set up and they even offer an app that your viewers can download from the Apple or Android stores so they can access your content whenever they like, on any device they like.

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Keywords Everywhere – See Keywords At A glance

Keywords Everywhere is a browser extension that shows estimated search volume and CPM on Google to help you identify the general interest of a keyword term or phrase.

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SEM Rush – Advanced Keyword and SEO Tools

SEM Rush is a pro tool for people and companies who are trying to get their content ranked in search. Some people think it’s expensive but if you’re an advanced user/creator, SEM Rush is a great tool for SEO and competitive research.

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